Another summer has come and gone. We’ve made new friends, memories, and tan lines. One of the highlights of this summer was our family trip to Branson, Missouri. This was our 5th time visiting Branson and let me tell you, it never gets old! Especially, with the kids getting older!

Normally, when we visit Branson, we stay at Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark. When you lodge at this hotel, you have unlimited access to the indoor/outdoor waterpark. It’s a pretty awesome little place!

Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark- image owned by resort

This past summer, we decided to change things up a bit. We lodged at “Carriage Place”, so that we could cook most of our meals to save some money. We found this awesome condo on airbnb.

Image owned by Carriage Place Condos

Carriage Place has both an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a fitness center and game room. The whole family loved it here!

Indoor swimming pool at Carriage Place

Sissy racing in the arcade at Carriage Place

Once we were settled into our condo, we decided to do a little grocery shopping at the local Walmart. While there, we were greeted by Timeshare Agents. I know, I know…”timeshare” is a scary word. But honestly, I’m glad we decided to hear them out. Timeshare has actually changed their policies quite a bit over the years.

We attended their short seminar and in return we were given FREE tickets for the entire family to Branson’s Wildworld, Promiseland Zoo, and Acrobats of Shanghai. That saved us over $300! Apparently, Branson has several companies who offer free tickets to attractions, simply for attending their seminars. It’s worth it in my opinion!

Personally, I think the “Acrobats of Shanghai” show was the highlight of the trip. It. Was. Insane. This show is full of bright colors, lively music, and seriously crazy talent! If you plan on visiting Branson, I highly recommend this show!

Acrobats of Shanghai- Contortionist Act

If you’re looking for some great, kid-friendly attractions in Branson, Missouri, you’ve come to the right place! Listed below is my family’s Top 5 favorite places in Branson, MO.

1.  The Track Family Fun Park

The Track Family Fun Park entrance

Who doesn’t love go-karts? The Track Family Fun Park is loaded with several different go-kart tracks, kiddie rides, and arcade games. We never pass up this place when we visit Branson- the whole family loves it!

The Track Family Fun Park

You can pay for each ride/track individually or you have the option of buying a playcard, like we did. It seems to be the easiest option, in my opinion. Check out their website here

Wild Woody Track

2.  Branson’s Wildworld

Branson’s Wildworld

Want to feed sharks or play with dingos?Wildworld has hundreds of different animals for you to see and interact with, including wolves, snakes, turtles, mountain lions, parrots and so much more! Our two oldest kids absolutely loved getting to play with the dingos! We’ve made so many memories at this place!

We found Nemo!
Bubby checking out the fish

As mentioned above, we were able to get our tickets for free through a free Timeshare seminar, but normally tickets are $18.95 for adults and $11.85 for kids-children under 2 get in free. Wildworld also has an indoor glow in the dark mini golf course! Check their website out here

“Hello there!”
Hubby loves snakes!
Sissy was a little nervous to touch the snake

3.  Dinosaur Museum

Velociraptor at Dinosaur Museum

This family-friendly museum features over 50 life-size replicas of various dinosaurs. If you have dino lovers in your family, this is the place to be! It’s pretty amazing seeing how big these dinosaurs are in person. Pictures don’t do it justice! Visit their website here

The Mighty T-Rex!

4. Dinosaur Canyon Mini Golf

Dinosaur Canyon Mini Golf

This is another place that you’ve got to go  when visiting Branson! There are two 18-hole courses available to choose from- the T-Rex Course and The Velociraptor Course. There are life-size dinosaurs that move and make noise, as well as a giant volcano that shoots fire out the top! You won’t be disappointed in this mini-golf course.

Sissy got a hole-in-one!

Dinosaur Canyon is associated with Lost Treasure Mini Golf- we’ve played that course as well and it was SO much fun! Visit their website for more information

T-Rex Course

5.  Fritz Adventure Park

Image owned by Fritz Adventure Park

Fritz Adventure Park is a huge play area for the whole family! They have rock wall climbing, giant tree houses, obstacle courses, rope courses, tunnels, massive slides and so much more! Check their website out here

Inside Fritz Adventure Park
Rope Bridge at Fritz Adventure Park

Places to Eat in Branson, Missouri

1.  Mel’s Hard Luck Diner- Home of Branson’s Original Singing Servers

Inside Mel’s Hard Luck Diner

This fifties themed diner is the cutest! The atmosphere is upbeat and friendly and waitresses even sing and entertain you while you enjoy your meal.

Smoke in Your Eyes Burger at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner

The food is fantastic and fairly cheap, too! I got the “Smoke in Your Eyes” burger, and it was delicious! Check out their website here

2.  Pasghettis

Who doesn’t love giant meatballs?!

Pasghettis is a family-owned Italian restaurant with themed dining rooms, a game room, and even an indoor ferris wheel!

Shrimp with Alfredo Sauce

They offer a variety of food such as sandwiches, steak, and salads; but they’re obviously famous for their fresh pasta! Check out their website here

3.  Gettin’ Basted

Inside Gettin’ Basted

Gettin’ Basted serves up competition- tested BBQ and burgers in a retro themed diner. If you go in the evening, you may catch some live music while you enjoy your dinner. Check out their website here

Judge’s Platter

4.  Grand Country Buffet

The Grand Country Buffet

We go here for breakfast just about every time we visit Branson! This restaurant is the bees knees, y’all. Any food you can think of, they probably have it! You have to try the Grand Country Buffet!

Breakfast at The Grand Country Buffet

They aren’t super expensive but aren’t the cheapest in town, either. But trust me, it. is. worth. it.

Dinner at The Grand Country Buffet

5.  Farmhouse Restaurant

Gift Shop inside Farmhouse Restaurant

This cozy little diner serves up some amazing comfort food like fried steak, chicken, and catfish. They are one of Branson’s top rated restaurants, and for a good reason!

Good ole comfort food!

Farmhouse Restaurant also has a pretty cool gift shop you can browse through! Check out their website here

Salad buffet- image owned by Farmhouse Restaurant

That’s a wrap! Have you tried any of these Branson restaurants and attractions?