I see you comparing yourself to those other mamas on social media. I know you think they have it all together. But trust me when I tell you, they are just. like. you.

They sometimes struggle to see their worth. They feel like they may lose their minds and are pretty certain they’re blowing this whole mom gig. They may struggle to keep the house clean and feel overwhelmed with the thought of planning dinner every night for the next 18 years. They sometimes raise their voice and lose their cool, followed by an overwhelming sense of guilt. They question if they are enough because every ounce of their being knows that their children deserve all the amazing things in this world.

But listen to me.
Really listen.
You are enough, mama.

You are what they want. 
You are their safe place.
You are their calm, their serenity, their support. You are quite literally, their lifeline. 

They turn to you in times of need and crave those warm snuggles you hand out so effortlessly. You are everything to them. 


Not the moms on instagram or facebook. You.

You, are what they need.

So, when those thoughts of self-doubt creep up on you late at night, telling you that you should be so much more, just know that you are enough. 

You have always been enough. 

And you, mama, will always be enough. 

Yours Truly,